I am Nirushka Kollopen. I am an Intuitive Transformative Coach, entrepreneur and aspiring author. I am a woman who is living her passion. I wake up every day full of vitality and love for my life. I have found my voice and fire and my mission is serve and support you from this place of wholeness so you can live freely and fall in love with your life.

As I write this, sipping my coffee, overlooking my beautiful garden, I can’t help but feel overwhelmingly grateful for every step I have taken to move me into this place with myself. However, life wasn’t always this fulfilling, in fact, quite the opposite.

A few years ago, if anyone told me I would finally be unleashed and thriving, I would not have been able to imagine it possible at all. I didn’t feel alive, everything was in greyscale and no amount of faking it was ever going to make it! I barely wanted to live. I was riddled with anxiety, depression and PTSD since I was very young and I assumed everyone else felt the same way in their lives. My health was failing, I had developed a hiatus hernia, I suffered from constant urinary infections, so bad that I would need to be hospitalised and I was exhausted. Physically and mentally I felt like someone who had aged a 1000 years and even if something wonderful happened to me, I did not even have the capacity to see it let alone savour it.

I had a history of unfulfilled romantic relationships that left me feeling empty, rejected and like I was not good enough. I worked at big corporate companies and gave everything I had only to suffer burnout multiple times. I was heavily medicated and numb to the fact that I was in a toxic relationship with myself.

Since I was 10 I had become aware of this state I was living in. As a teenager I focused all my energies inwardly. I had gone to therapy and sought teachers, techniques and tools to help me feel better. It was not until 2020 that I was pushed, by life, into examining my pain through a different lens which ultimately led to me overcoming my emotional disorders and self-regulating. Everything I had done until this point started coming together for me; the work I had been doing and more importantly the relationship I started having with myself.

The new, healthier version of me was beginning to stir in the chrysalis. In 2021 after selling my house and all my belongings, ending a 3-year relationship that was no longer working and moving out of his house, I came to profound realisations about the life I had been living and the imposter syndrome I had been experiencing. I started seeing, feeling and acknowledging the real me for the first time and, like dominoes, everything that was unhealthy within me started collapsing. Not only that, I had insurmountable energy levels, drive and passion for every new day! I have finally broken out of the chrysalis and free of all my self-limiting beliefs, behaviours and thinking patterns.

Since I was 4 I had always known I was uniquely talented and gifted. I always had a love for people and found that I had an ability to ‘FEEL IN’ to what people were experiencing and I could see through to the heart of their problems. This coupled with my degree in Psychology helps me understand and  create a compassionate space for people and I can meet you where you are at. My years of corporate experience helps me bridge my highly intuitive nature in a grounded way so I can assist you with the ‘soft skills’ that are actually the most fundamental skills. It also gives me an understanding of the daily challenges people are faced with.

My certifications in Reiki and Access Bars Consciousness helps me work with you on a subtle level to create relaxation and bring a sense of well being to your nervous system. As a former teacher and trainer, I am familiar with taking clients through a process and breaking down information so it is easy to grasp, in a step-by-step format.

It is my wish for you to experience a life that you are absolutely obsessed with and it would be my greatest pleasure, to help get you there.


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