Have you ever felt ‘boxed in’? Perhaps within the rigid confines of your office job or the routine of everyday life? I’m sure you understand this feeling. Its characteristic signs are feeling trapped and unable to move.

I used to still feel this way after having left my corporate job and starting my own business. I still felt like I was working at my corporate job; the same terms and conditions, only this time I was doing it to myself. 

Let’s flip that: 

Let’s say that you move jobs and have more freedom in terms of your routine. Now you are free to explore how you are still holding yourself hostage to how your mind thinks you should do your routine or your job. Same experience, but self-imposed. 

Until we start really looking at how we need to rethink our lives and change up our beliefs about it, can we really experience the freedom that is available to us. It doesn’t start with a new job or a new relationship but rather, a reframe of our internal workings. The rest will take care of itself from this new awareness. 

We can have all the freedom available to us in our world, but if we are still playing ‘slave’ to our internal dialogues, we are not free.

Questions to reflect on:

  • How are my routines keeping me from living my desired life?
  • How am I holding on to old ways of thinking?
  • What is the predominant feeling I want to have in my life?


“Claim the state of FREEDOM that is there WITHIN you. It is an internal process.’’

In love and gratitude,

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